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Excellent Child Care & Development From One Of The Best Nurseries In Dubai

Dear Parents,

We welcome you and your children to Mosaic, one of the top nurseries in the city! Our learning facility is located in the heart of JLT, and we specialise in providing early childcare and development.

We believe that early education sets the path for the future. Let us share with you the reasons why our English speaking nursery school in Dubai is the ideal choice for your child’s formative years of development.

What makes us one of the top nurseries in Dubai

  • As one of the best nurseries in Dubai, we aim to offer a fun, caring, safe and stimulating environment coupled with high quality education to children aged 18 months to 4 years old.
  • We are a nursery school that comprises a strong leadership team to support a culture of high quality education and an environment that fosters care and respect.
  • Our English nursery schools deliver a creative curriculum with evidence-based objectives. The progress of the children is driven by both adult- and child-initiated activities, which support our 38 curriculum objectives that are critical factors in future school success.
  • We understand that the environment where children play, significantly influence their learning opportunities. For this reason, our classrooms are individually designed to accommodate different age groups. The learning spaces at our English nursery school are spacious, designed to utilise natural light and are equipped with high quality educational resources to foster a friendly and welcoming atmosphere where children can learn, develop and grow.
  • As a part of our mission to be the best nursery, we make sure that the teachers at our nursery school are all qualified in Early Years Education, proficient in English, passionate and committed to using purposeful, engaging play as the vehicle to deliver creative curriculum.
  • We have a dedicated indoor physical development area at our English nursery in Dubai that is innovatively designed to provide your children with a place where they can exercise and enhance their fine and gross motor skills. Additionally, our creative learning vault provide children an opportunity to express themselves through music, movement and drama, this sets us apart from other English speaking Dubai nurseries in JLT.
  • As we strive to be the best nursery in Dubai, your child’s safety is of paramount importance, and that is why we diligently implement our policies and procedures.

Enroll your child in the most trusted name amongst the top nurseries in JLT

We invite you to visit our trusted nursery in JLT to find out how we can help you give your child a head start. What makes us stand out as one of the top Dubai nurseries is that we recognize parents as equal partners in child learning journey.

For more information on our Dubai nursery school, please call us at 04 425 6670 or e-mail us at operations We can also arrange a tour of our nursery in JLT, should you wish to do so.

Looking forward to meeting you,

Mosaic Team


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