News :

  • Orientation week begins Sept 1st-4th
  • Mosaic offers Day Care
  • Mosaic offers an Extra Mural Programme in the afternoons
  • Mosaic offers Afternoon Classes (2-4 years)
  • Open Morning every Tuesday between 9:00 am-11:00 am
  • Staff Training on the 31st of August
  • Autumn term starts 7th September 2014
  • Mosaic welcomes everyone to an exciting New Academic Year
  • Now offering arabic classes
  • Mosaic offers Day Care

Welcome to Mosaic Nursery JLT

Dear Parents,

Mosaic Nursery is an exciting early year’s educational centre located in the heart of JLT. Early education sets the path for the future. Let me share with you the reasons why Mosaic Nursery is the best choice for your child’s formative years of development:

  • We have a strong leadership team supporting a culture of educational excellence and an ethos of care and respect.
  • We deliver the creative curriculum with evidence based objectives. Children’s progress is driven by both adult led and child initiated activities which are planned to support the 38 curriculum objectives. These objectives are predictors of future school success.
  • We understand that the environment in which children live and play also has a significant impact on learning opportunities. Mosaic classrooms have been individually designed for different age groups; the rooms are large with lots of natural light. They are equipped with a wide range of quality international resources and, most importantly, they are happy and welcoming places in which children make friends.
  • Teachers are selected for their educational qualifications, experience and a demonstrated passion for teaching. They not only deliver a complex learning program but offer children a model of behaviour which promotes honesty, fairness, tolerance, generosity and forgiveness.
  • Children’s health and physical development is often taken for granted. We understand the important role that the development and practice of both fine and gross motor skills play in their learning. Our dedicated physical development area offers everything your child needs in an innovative and fun approach.
  • Your child’s safety is of paramount importance to us and we have a wide range of policies and procedures which we implement diligently. The whole team takes part in regular emergency response training.

We welcome you to visit Mosaic Nursery and find out more about giving your child a head start in education.

Best wishes ,
Mosaic Team


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Mosaic Events

  • August

    Maintenance Week

  • February

    10th February 2014- Chinese New Year

  • February

    13th February 2014- International Hug Day

  • February

    14th February 2014- Valentine’s Day

  • February

    23rd February 2014- Science Week

  • March

    6th March 2014- World Book Day

  • March

    16th March 2014- Water or Earth Week

  • March

    23rd March 2014-PTC Week

  • April

    3rd April 2014- Nursery closes for the Spring Break